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Minnesota Cold Climate Grape and Wine Conference
February 14-15, 2008

2008 IWGA Annual Conference
February 8-9, 2008

ISU Viticulture Field Day, Horticulture Research Station
July 28, 2007

2007 Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Convention
February 10, 2007

2006 Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Meeting
January 26, 2006

State/Federal Winery Licensing Requirements Meeting
Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, Ankeny, IA, October 7, 2005

  • Native Wine Licensing Requirements |pdf, 3MB| |ppt, 2MB|, Karen Freund, Iowa ABD
  • Native Wine Regulatory Process |pdf| |ppt|, Judy Seib, Iowa ABD
  • Federal Licensing and Regulatory Requirements |pdf| |ppt, 2MB|,  Scott Abeyta and Robbie Schellhorn U.S. Alcohol & Tobacco Investigator, Trade & Tax Bureau

Iowa Wine Fining Workshop
April 18-19, 2005

Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Meeting
January 29, 2005

ISU Integrated Crop Management Conference
December 1-2, 2004

Iowa Grape Growers Association Annual Meeting
January 31, 2004

Vine and Wine Workshop
August 16, 2003

Iowa Grape Growing Conference
February 1, 2003

Iowa Grape & Wine Development Commission Meeting
January 31, 2003

Iowa Grape Growing Conference
January 26, 2002

Grape Growing Workshop
February 2001: Agenda

Other ISU Information:

  • Cost of Establishing a Vineyard in Iowa |html| |pdf|
  • Estimated Vineyard Establishment Cost per Acre |html| |pdf|
  • Grape Expectations” History of Iowa Grape Production. From ISU Leopold Center

Other Sources of Information:

Iowa Business Network

Nursery Catalogs
Although sometimes "hyped-up", nursery catalogs contain information on variety characteristics.  Some catalogs also contain excellent information on production practices related to planting and initial handling of the plants.
Arkansas Berry & Plant Farm
22339 N. Hwy 71
Winslow, AR  72959
Ph: 501-634-7120
Double A Vineyards
10275 Christy Road
Fredonia, NY  14063
Ph: 716-672-8493


Foster Concord Nurseries
10175 Mile Block Rd.
North Collins, NY  14111-9770
Ph: 800-232-2211

Indiana Berry & Plant Co.
5218 West 500 South
Huntingburg, IN  47542
Ph: 800-295-2226
Iowa Grape Vines
45062 17th Street
Preston, IA 52069
Ph: 563-689-6347
Lincoln Peak Vineyard and Nursery
262 River Rd
New Haven, Vermont 05472
Chris Granstrom
Ph: 802-388-7368
Miller Nurseries
West Lake Road
Canandaigua, NY  14424
Ph: 800-828-9630
Penoach Vineyard
Stan Olson
2667 N. Ave.
Adel, IA 50003
Ph: 515-993-4374
Pense Nursery
16518 Marie Lane
Mountainburg, AR  72946
Ph: 479-369-2494
Quality Nursery - WA State Certified Grape Plants
David R. Nevill
303 Dalton Lane
Zillah, WA 98953
Ph: 509-829-3326
Fax: 509-829-3546
Specialty Crop Supply, Inc.
P.O. Box 378
Detroit Lakes, MN  56502
Ph: 218-847-9351
Winterhaven Vineyard & Nursery
Ray A. Winter
18103 628 Ave.
Janesville, MN 56048
Ph: 507-234-5469

Disclaimer Clause:  Listing of nurseries is not intended to be an endorsement to the exclusion of other nurseries which may offer similar products.  A more complete listing of nurseries specializing in fruit crops may be obtained in the July issue of the American Fruit Grower magazine.

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